SINCE 1995

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In 1995, Jamie and Karen Hodson, with teams of registered nurses from all over the world, took basic medical supplies donated from agencies in the USA to Guatemala and El Salvador.

In El Salvador, Jamie and Karen spent time working alongside an organisation committed to helping street kids and young people affected by the civil war.  This journey also took them to remote villages where the main form of income for the people was working in the surrounding coffee plantations.  It was at this time Jamie had a vision of roasting coffee.  Jamie’s driving force: to make a difference!

On Jamie and Karen’s return to New Zealand, they begged and borrowed money to purchase an old Otto Swadla 12 kilo coffee roaster and set up shop with just one lesson on how to roast coffee.  What started out as a boutique roastery in the suburbs of New Plymouth, soon grew and expanded into larger main street premises, including a café, before becoming one of New Zealand’s largest provincial coffee roasteries.  In December 2008, Jamie lost his battle with cancer, and although Jamie is no longer with us to celebrate, the success of Ozone Coffee Roasters continues and Jamie’s legacy is maintained by ensuring money is spent making a difference, in the lives of growers and their families at origin.

Jamie’s dreams of quality without compromise, was the start of opportunities and others realising their dreams.  This is most evident in Paul Newbold’s journey (Ozone Coffee NZ’s head roaster) from a close friend who worked in retail to becoming an internationally respected and highly skilled coffee roaster, and cupper, serving regularly on Cup of Excellence jury panels.  

In 2001 Craig Macfarlane, an iconic New Plymouth hospitality personality, bought Ozone Coffee Roasters, NZ, and in 2010 offered partnership to two key employees, Karla Gichard (Chief Executive) and Paul Newbold to realise their dreams of company ownership and continue their journey in the coffee industry. 

Craig’s enterprenuerial spirit and vision for growth, along with regular travel to visit his best mate in London led to his desire to be part of the emerging UK specialty coffee industry; a dynamic and evolving scene with influences from North America, timeless espresso traditions from Italy and strong Antipodean influences.  In March 2012, Ozone Coffee Roasters London opened at 11 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, following the culmination of two years planning with joint venture partners, Dallas and Erin Chadwick and Karla Gichard, along with London-based co-owners and business managers, Lizzie Bain and James Gurr.  Our entry into the London market truly provides the opportunity to realise our aspirations for coffee excellence and international recognition as a leading artisan coffee roaster.

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